30 May

Stretch ceiling Film:

The stretch ceiling film needs to be measured in the field and then finished in the factory. The soft film size is stable from -15 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The translucent ceiling film can be combined with various lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent, LED lights) to create a dreamy, shadowless interior lighting effect.

The soft suspended ceiling film ceiling mainly consists of three parts: soft film, buckle strip and keel;
1. false ceiling film
The soft film is made of special PVC material and is guaranteed to be free of cadmium. Its fireproof rating is B1 (China). It is formed by one or more cutting and high frequency welding. It is to follow the smallpox measured in the field. The shape and size are produced in the factory.
2. Hard wall code strip (keel)

The soft film keel is made of polyvinyl chloride material, its fireproof grade is B1 (China), and the other is extruded by alloy aluminum material, and its fireproof grade is A1 (China). It has a variety of suitable shapes, straight, curved, and can be cut into suitable angles and assembled together and fixed around the ceiling of the room to hold the membrane.Chemical properties
B1 grade soft stretch ceiling film material: nano-polyvinyl chloride.
Class A fireproof soft film ceiling material: special treated glass fiber and fluororesin and vinylon fiber.
Reaction to fire
The soft drop ceiling  film is flame retardant. In France, it belongs to the M1 class. China has passed the B1 fire test; some advanced equipment can produce the A1 soft film ceiling.
Dimensional stability
Class A fireproof soft film ceiling: -50 to 100 °C.
Class B fireproof soft film ceiling: -25 to 45 °C.

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