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What is color uv print pvc stretch ceiling film  foxygen stretch ceiling factory china

 Soft uv print stretch ceiling film is divided into white film and color soft suspended ceiling film smallpox, white is well understood, the manufacturer did not add any color on the pure white, called white soft film smallpox or transparent soft film smallpox, transparent soft film smallpox and so on. 

And how does the colored soft stretch ceiling come from? 

Color dropped ceiling film smallpox in the industry also has a lot of terms, such as: color film, uv printing pvc stretch ceiling film, photo film, printed stretch ceiling film, UV stretch ceiling  film, and so on, some of the terms, these terms derive from its craft. Photographic film can be printed by 3.2 meters of weak solvent outdoors, while UV film needs to be printed by UV machine. The pattern and color of the color film can be achieved by these two processes to achieve the desired color pattern.

What is color uv print pvc stretch ceiling film FoxygenWhether it is white film and color film from the grain is also divided into two kinds, one is fine-grained, feel the feeling of light, some people will call it smooth mask or fine-grained film. There is another kind of coarse grain, which is coarser than the optical mask.

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