30 May

Ceiling Designs The importance of color selection

In the choice of color, dark blue, light pink, dark green adventure and rich color can be said that the choice of young people, dynamic, vibrant colors will fully activate the living room atmosphere; cheerful, clear and clear color instantly evoke Happy life mood. Colorful and compact Ceiling Designs colors are soft; melodic rich colors look grace and atmosphere. In addition, from the color of shallow, elegant color Ceiling Designs, can also see the choice of style and taste.

The overall balance is more stable to meet our overall consideration for the use of Ceiling Designs, which can be used for a color laying or with several colors. Like the quiet, you can choose blue and silver; and bright colors of bright yellow and orange Ceiling Designs let the children room is even more lovely. Beige, lint, light gray, metallic and a series of clear and clear and vibrant color Ceiling Designs, to meet the consumer on the ground decoration color of the various "unruly" requirements.

Ceiling Designs are color of the environment, so the choice of Ceiling Designs plays a decisive role in the tone and style of the entire space. Under normal circumstances, if the room area is large and adequate lighting, you should use the darker colors, texture, coarse; the contrary, a small area of the room can choose light color, texture and meticulous, so that small space is wide. The interior of the ceiling, walls, furniture, color, but also affect the choice of Ceiling Designs.

Ceiling Designs are wear-resistant, easy to manage, brand diversity, variety, colorful, breaking the traditional anti-real wood grain or deep or shallow color dominate the world situation, so rich and meet our home life. And do not have to be afraid because of the installation of Ceiling Designs suffered formaldehyde hazards, from the material to the installation has always run through the purpose of environmental protection. It overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional ceiling due to the change of the natural environment caused by cracking, from the seam and noise and other shortcomings, can effectively prevent the thermal expansion and contraction caused by loose deformation. And the installation of fillet filial piety less, more environmentally friendly performance.Color is to speak, Ceiling Designs top ten brands continue to increase the moment, the color is quietly becoming a bright spot for enterprise products to attract the eye.Ceiling Designs Kouban choice should pay attention to the commonly used aluminum slab plate, according to the grade of low, medium and high division, including only the film, roller coating, oxidation plate three kinds of materials, and the unity of these three materials The surface of the aluminum substrate is formed by different treatments. Poor aluminum ceilings using recycled aluminum, not only can not do thin, and because the material source is unknown, it is likely to produce radiation effects of health, more prone to corrosion and surface layer peeling and so on. At the same time, three kinds of materials, low-end products covered with plastic film and mid-range products roller coating on the coating, more vulnerable to the use of non-environmentally friendly low-quality coating, paint, not only quickly fade, Peeling, but also in the course of the release of harmful gases, resulting in "decoration disease."

Ceiling Designs selection of materials is very critical customers in the choice of Ceiling Designs, often in the business does not make the mislead, only concerned about the installation can be seen after the completion of the material, and manufacturers to increase profits, then the auxiliary material (the main body of the installation Part, including the triangular keel, the main keel, boom, hanging pieces, etc.) stealing materials. The auxiliary material relative to the Ceiling Designs, the equivalent of the building foundation and beam, so that many ceiling installation less than two years, due to corrosion of the auxiliary material or can not load due to deformation of the ceiling, sinking and even collapse and so on. So to use all-metal installation frame, not only the use of high-quality steel production of various accessories, and all the accessories on the anti-corrosion coating, so that the overall framework of the golden color.

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