21 Oct

What Is A white translucent Stretch Ceiling?

What Is A white translucent Stretch Ceiling?

1 Transparent stretch ceiling film:

 also known as soft stretch ceiling film smallpox lightbox material; special PVC materials, 0.18mm wide 1.54m, light transmittance of about 70% thickness

2 The features of stretch ceilings

The translucent decorative engineering film is about 180 ~ 180 grams per square meter, which is B1 class fire prevention grade. The translucent film passes through one or more and is welded by high-frequency welding. In the field of light transmittance film needs, lamp box size measurement, completed in the factory.
Transparent film, can cooperate with a variety of lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent, LED) light uniform, soft. At the same time of heavy waste glass or organic glass, risk and the shortcomings of small pieces of assembly, has gradually become a new bright spot, become a transparent material.

3 Translucent stretch ceiling film membranes:

Because the transparent film is a soft membrane material, according to the curved keel to determine smallpox, the overall shape is very casual, modeling diversity, so that designers to create a broader space, is a soft membrane smallpox revolution.

What Is A white translucent Stretch Ceiling?

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