09 Aug

What is a stretch ceilings?
The stretch ceilings is similar to the suspended ceiling and is located under the structural ceiling profile frame of a room. Stretched ceilings are typically stretched over a stretch of a piece of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and secured by a frame called a "aluminum stretch ceiling profile  or pvc stretch ceiling profile." The perimeter profile can be bent and shaped as desired, and the PVC can be colored or painted to suit any taste. Therefore, the stretch ceiling film provides a great deal of freedom in terms of shape, color and lighting.

What is a stretch ceilings?

stretch ceilings function

From the main function, soft stretch ceiling film is decorative function, but the stretch ceiling material also has the functions of fire prevention, waterproof, mould proofing, environmental protection and so on. These functions reflect many advantages, for example, fire safety in safety, in case of a sudden fire, can avoid many accidents. Also such as waterproof function, everyone in daily life will be sure to meet the water leakage in the floor, assuming that you use the conventional ceiling decoration materials, small editor believe that water leakage, waterproof, even materials will be changed can not be used again. Since it is not waterproof, the material will certainly have the problem of mouldy hair bacteria, in some old house ceiling top, look up to see the white ceiling above the appearance of discoloration, deterioration and other problems. The soft drop ceiling film material is also environmentally friendly. It does not contain cadmium. We can recall that many decoration new houses must be ventilated and vacant for a period of time before they can move in.

What is a stretch ceilings?

After reading the above functions, we can say that this stretch ceiling film material is suitable for our life.

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