27 Aug

The Excellent performance of uv print pvc stretch ceiling film  foxygen stretch ceiling factory china

1. Hotel and rooms: 

A) The soft pvc stretch ceiling film  and varied ceilings are in a variety of shapes that meet the design requirements of the hotel lobby ceiling decorative system . 

B) The delicate and pure texture stretch ceiling materials can give the guest a comfortable and clean feeling. 

C) Antibacterial and anti-mildew function meets the hygienic requirements of the hotel. 

D) Waterproof and convenient disassembly function is suitable for the frequent overhaul of the complex piping and lighting system on the roof of the hotel. 

The Excellent performance of uv print pvc stretch ceiling film Foxygen

2. Office space:

 A) Rich colors and casual and versatile shapes are suitable for the diverse design of the office. 

B) It can be used in large blocks, which is suitable for the requirements of large office space, and the overall effect is outstanding. 

C) Waterproof and convenient disassembly function can be adapted to the complex piping structure and lighting system of the office roof. 

D) The pure and delicate texture is suitable for the office atmosphere. 

E) Good insulation can significantly reduce energy consumption.

The Excellent performance of uv print pvc stretch ceiling film Foxygen

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