21 Aug

Soft uv print pvc stretch ceiling film construction technology

A high-grade environmentally-friendly decorative material originally produced in France.

Flexible stretch ceiling filmis also called soft stretch ceilingfilm smallpox. Flexible texture, rich color, can be arbitrarily stretched modeling, completely breaking through the limitations of radical smallpox modeling, color, small pieces of assembly and other aspects. At the same time, it has the outstanding characteristics of fire prevention, antimicrobial, waterproof, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-aging, convenient installation and so on, and has become the preferred material for ceiling materials. The soft film is made of special polychlorinated material, 0.18 millimeters thick, and its fireproof level is B1. Varieties of materials and colors become the highlight of the extraordinary interior decoration effect. It weighs about 180~320 grams per square metre. Because of its good flexibility, it can freely design a variety of shapes, used in curvilinear, closed viewing space and other occasions, is not incompatible. For new construction and renovation projects, the professional installation team can complete the installation work in a few hours, without moving indoor furniture, assembly work does not involve other engineering activities, the project site is clean and orderly.
Soft uv print pvc stretch ceiling film construction technologyThere are seven types of soft film.1 smooth surface: it has a strong sense of light and can produce mirror like reflection effect.
2 transparent stretch ceiling film: This product is milky white and translucent. The light transmittance can be more than 75% in enclosed space. It can produce perfect and unique lighting decoration effect.
3 matte surface: light perception is second only to smooth surface, but stronger than basic film. The overall effect is pure and high-grade.
4 suede: a velvet appearance. It has excellent sound absorption performance. It is easy to create a warm indoor effect.
5 metal surface: with a strong metallic texture and strong ornamental effect, and can occur similar to the metal light sense.
Basic film: the earliest type of soft film, light sensitivity second to light transmission film, the overall effect of elegant, the lowest price.
7 punching surface: the surface has holes, punching surface has a good sound absorption effect on high-frequency tones, other types of smallpox on low-frequency tones have a good sound absorption effect.
Features of soft film smallpox:
1 breakthrough radical smallpox: breaking the limitations of small pieces of assembly, can be used in large chunks, with perfect overall effect.
2 color diversity: there are six series of 100 color choices, suitable for all kinds of places.
3, modeling is random and varied: let designers have broader creative space.
4 mildew proof antibacterial function: effective inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus, pneumonia, mold and other kinds of treatment.
5 fire prevention level: B1 level, at the same time, it meets various fire safety standards in Europe and the United States.
6 anti aging function: ten years of non-human damage, fade and deformation can be compensated.
7 after antistatic treatment: no dust, no sticky fumes.
8 good insulation function: can greatly reduce heat loss, thereby effectively reducing energy waste.
9 Waterproof Function: It can support sewage without leakage under the condition of pipeline leakage, so that indoor decoration and furniture can be effectively maintained.
10 convenient device and dismantling: under the same area, the installation and assembly time are only equivalent to the traditional smallpox 1/3.
11 environmental protection formula manufacture: no heavy metals, no toxic gas release, products can be fully recovered.
12 ideal acoustic effect: can greatly reduce the reverberation time of acoustic waves, fully comply with national standards.
13 good installation and after-sales service: perfect technical support, which makes users feel more convenient.
pvc stretch ceiling film application:
1 administrative office building, commercial office building
2 industrial and private residences, villas and Apartments
3 schools, kindergartens, large lecture rooms, computer rooms, etc.
4 hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and clinics
5 sports venues: swimming pools, gymnasiums, billiards rooms, volleyball and basketball courts.
6 church, guesthouse, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, Concert Hall
7 brand stores: brand clothing stores, 4S auto stores, jewelry stores, etc.
8 Public Sound Center: Supermarket, Shopping Mall, Bathroom, Theme Park, Airport, Subway, Exchange, Museum, Art Museum, Library Art Modeling Exhibition, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, etc.
9 sales offices, model rooms, clubs, leisure courts, etc.

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Translucent stretch ceiling film :The first choice among light-transmitting decorative materials


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