10 Aug

With the increasing market of integrated stretch ceiling film, the stretch ceiling market is also expanding. the stretch ceiling materials 

uv print glossy stretch ceiling film factory china

uv print glossy stretch ceiling film factory china


stretch ceiling accessories ( F aluminum stretch ceiling profile,H aluminum stretch ceiling profile,V profile, W profile)

uv print glossy stretch ceiling film factory and stretch ceiling accessories china

, as well as some tools used by soft suspended ceiling film are gradually increasing. among them, some illegal merchants produce some inferior materials and dropped ceiling film accessories. some enterprises in the market attract customers at low prices, and then sell them to customers with unqualified products, thus earning huge profits from them. This annoys very many customers. 

Today, I teach you how to know whether the stretch ceiling film is qualified or not.

1. it is easy to tear the membrane material of the soft membrane smallpox when tearing it with force. products that cannot be recovered within 4 - 10 seconds by pressing down the membrane material with the thumb on the membrane sample with the frame, or products that all have traces of extrusion, are fake and inferior products.
2. look at whether the product has a fire prevention report issued by the fire prevention building material quality inspection and supervision center.
3. sniff the membrane stretch ceiling material samples and other materials with your nose for heavy metal substances.
4. check whether the surface of stretch ceiling film has been treated with anti - oxidation.

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