12 Aug

How to care for stretch ceilings film system?
Stretch ceiling film is a new environmental protection stretch ceiling product. Foxygen stretch ceiling factory has been pre-mixed with an antimicrobial treatment called BIO-PRUF before leaving the factory. The trademark has been registered in the United States. And has 30 years of experience. The specially treated stretch ceilings is resistant to and prevents microorganisms, such as molds, from growing on the surface of the object. Soft membrane stretch ceilings  itself has anti-static function, so its surface is not contaminated with dust, soft membrane stretch ceilings care only needs to be regularly lightly wiped with water (usually once a month). If someone is artificially dirty, such as lampblack, sewage stains, you can use general neutral cleaner cleaning, and then wipe dry with a towel. If you stain the paint carelessly, you can use gasoline to clean it. Note: Do not spray strong corrosive substances such as strong acid and alkali.

What is a stretch ceilings?

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