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How much do you know about the basic properties of pvc stretch ceiling film ?foxygen stretch ceiling factory china

1  Soft pvc stretch ceiling film has the function of translucent.

Pvc stretch ceiling film material is light and translucent material with light transmittance up to 45-63. In the absence of light source, the light projected through the film base has excellent diffusivity, can create a soft and comfortable space environment, and can show its advantages of humanization.

2   Soft pvc stretch ceiling film safety and environmental protection

The pvc stretch ceiling film adopts the technology of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry and Germany. It does not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, formaldehyde and ethanol. It has no release of toxic substances and can be recycled 100% during its use. It is completely in line with the theme of green environmental protection in today's society. Passed the environmental inspection of SGS, an international authority.

3   Soft pvc stretch ceiling film is easy to clean.

Pvc stretch ceiling film is a special high strength conforming material, the surface has excellent non-adhesive, stain-resistant and easy to clean, can be directly cleaned with water, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

4   Soft pvc stretch ceiling film installation convenient

Pvc stretch ceiling film can be directly installed on walls, wooden, steel structure, gypsum wall and wood wall, suitable for various building structures, and can be repeatedly installed and disassembled. Convenient maintenance and repair.

The stretch ceiling installation is fast and stable, and the material is not easy to expand and not deform. It is one of the best transparent materials on the market. Pvc stretch ceiling film breaks through the limitations of traditional materials and achieves both functional and decorative.


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How much do you know about the basic properties of soft pvc stretch ceiling film foxygen?

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Translucent stretch ceiling film :The first choice among light-transmitting decorative materials


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