15 Nov

Advantages of soft foxygen pvc stretch ceiling film materials

As a new force in suspended ceiling products, soft pvc stretch ceiling film has attracted more and more consumers' attention and use. Compared with the traditional ceiling, the advantage of the soft pvc stretch ceiling film membrane ceiling is that consumers make the material choice.

I.  The decorative effect is beautiful.

The richness of colourful patterns and patterns, and the matching of shapes, greatly improve the decorative effect of the ceiling and the wall. At the same time, because of the different refraction effect, the monotonous space is full of sense of three-dimensional and flow. Because the product uses relatively special raw materials, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, allowing the same incident light to produce different colors of the reflected light, so the color can be varied because of the light source and angle, resulting in rich and varied effects


II. Colorful and personalized design

One of the reasons why the soft pvc stretch film ceiling is on the market is its humanized functional design. According to the space layout and living habits of consumers, the free functional module combination design can freely design and install the module, which ensures the good price performance both in terms of consumption cost and space. At the same time, it has a powerful modeling function: according to the bending shape of the keel, the overall shape of the smallpox can be determined. Large area use can better reflect the simple and smooth indoor effect. Design and installation can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

III. health and environmental protection

Through the highly systematic integration of electrical function module and ceiling decoration module, the soft pvc film ceiling makes the whole top space style highly unified and integrated with the overall indoor style. The foxygen pvc stretch soft film ceiling has a smooth and harmonious appearance, and uses the healthy and environmental protection PVC on the material. It is made of the polychloroethylene material, with the insulation function, which can reduce the loss of indoor temperature and achieve the energy-saving effect. It can put an end to chemical pollution and surpass traditional gusset board or gypsum board in texture, improving the texture of the top space as a whole. At the same time, the soft film ceiling in the design through the grasp of color and shape to strive to be consistent with the overall home decoration style, which is impossible to achieve the traditional ceiling.

IV. simple installation

The soft pvc stretch  ceiling membrane ceiling can be directly installed on walls,wooden frame, battens, steel structures, gypsum walls and batten walls, which is suitable for various building structures and can be repeatedly disassembled.

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