6 keys to success in stretch ceiling installation Foxygen

05 Jun

6 keys to success in stretch ceiling installation 

Installing Notes

1. When installing the wave shape, each wave-shaped chassis with the keel is installed in the same way, so that the wave shape is neatly coordinated after the pvc stretch ceiling film is installed.

2. The edge of the chassis that is in contact with the stretch ceiling film must be smooth. After installation, the  stretch ceiling  film lavender ceiling flexible ceiling light film shape ceiling art ceiling shower ceiling will not be uneven.

3. If there is a gap between the stretch ceiling film and the stretch ceiling film, when lifting the chassis, the boom and the main keel should try to select fine materials. Be concealed and tidy. From the bottom up, you cannot see the boom that secures the chassis.

4, installation of stretch ceiling film lavender ceiling flexible ceiling light film shape ceiling art ceiling bath ceiling should be fully heated, Normally  we use stretch ceiling film air gas forced heater to make the film warm and soft. especially in cold places, before the crystal cotton is disassembled, to prevent the cold to make the soft film Brittle, damaged soft film

5, the installation of round stretch ceiling film ceiling film ceiling lavender ceiling flexible ceiling light film shape ceiling art ceiling bath ceiling, flat code to bend with a bending machine. The arc is smooth and there are no cut seams.

6. If you use the cutting method to bend, you must cut it every three centimeters. It should be uniform and cannot cut more than half the thickness of the keel. Otherwise, it will appear prismatic.

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What is a stretch ceilings?
The stretch ceilings is similar to the suspended ceiling and is located under the structural ceiling profile frame of a room. Stretched ceilings are typically stretched over a stretch of a piece of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and secured by a frame called a "aluminum stretch ceiling profile  or pvc stretch ceiling profile." The perimeter profile can be bent and shaped as desired, and the PVC can be colored or painted to suit any taste. Therefore, the stretch ceiling film provides a great deal of freedom in terms of shape, color and lighting.

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