Used for bending aluminum lightboxes frame and mirror frame profiles to any shape

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Foxygen Aluminum Lightbox Profiles bending Machine 

  1. The Automatic Rounding Bending Machine is a state-of-the-art tool that can bend aluminum alloy sections into different shapes, including circles, ellipses, runway circles, polygons, and irregular figures.

  2. This machine is computer-controlled, and its user-friendly software provides practical functions for customers. The software enables the machine to process various shapes automatically, which makes it easy to learn and operate.

  3. The Automatic Rounding Bending Machine is ideal for processing frames, mirror frames, decorative pictures, ceilings, lamps and lanterns, advertising, furniture, and other metal forming industries.

  4. The machine's advanced technology and efficient performance make it a highly convenient and beneficial tool for businesses in the metal forming industry.


cnc bending machine for mirror frame/photo frame/light box/signboard etc.